27 October 2013

Doctor D.J. Geard did not inform me of even one side effect at any time during the 60 odd consultations over 12 years. This fact, along with false information he has recorded, tells me he was not the least bit interested in my having good health, rather his intention was to ensure I suffered bad health and if death occurred it would be my fault.

Blind trust

My trust in him was absolute. He was helping me to obtain government funding for Sheryl's treatment by way of transport wasn't he? I believe it was this factor which blinded me to what was truly causing my 'unwellness'.

Real cause

Dr Geard's medical experience would have told him that the real cause was medication.

If you are feeling unwell and your situation is similar to mine but trusting in your doctor's 'professionalism', I would suggest you examine carefully the notes he entered during your consultations and find out for your self if your doctor is being honest with you.

Obtain a copy of all your medical files

Request a copy from his receptionist. She should print and post them to you immediately, no questions asked.

Look for

failure to record important health matters, false information and misleading statements.

No consent

I discovered that my doctor had entered the word consented” many times in his consultation notes. I take this to mean that I had consented to being included in drug trials in which the results would be reported to Pharmac.

He made no mention to me about trials in the 12 years of being his patient. I consented to nothing. I have discovered that this is typical of a NZ G.P's deceptive practices.

No monitoring agreement with pharmaceutical companies

The government is in agreement with the Pharmaceutical companies that New Zealand's elderly citizens be used to test their medications with little or no monitoring. In fact this appears to be a condition before G.P's can receive payment and free holidays from drug companies.

Another agreed condition

A G.P' must not inform his patients of the side effects, adverse reactions and interactions or warnings about these drugs.


Failure to abide with agreements are clearly a betrayal of his patients faith and confidence in him.

Silence is evidence

Doctors are well aware of the dangerous effects most pharmaceutical drugs can cause. But cowardliness and greed for money buys their silence.

They are guilty of causing aged patients debilitating illnesses because of a depraved indifference toward those they vowed to help.

Elderly expendable

There will always be elderly persons coming through their surgery doors who will readily accept or continue taking toxic 'medicine'.

That many become sick and even die does not matter to a NZ G.P. The elderly are clearly just as expendable today as they were in Germany during 1930 and 40.

Epidemic of diabetes

It was reported early in 2011 that 500,000 had type 2 diabetes in NZ.

Blood testing for Diabetes

Horowhenua has become the current area the government is using to determine who will be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Many of these elderly citizens are selected for treatment, prescribed diabetes medications. At this point NZ doctors lose all interest in adverse reactions. They are simply are ignored.

Unlucky for some

These unlucky ones, by accepting treatment, meant they had unwittingly stepped onto their G.P's slaughter board. Gradually and over time their health will deteriorate. Believing their health problems are age related they will continue taking the diabetes drugs till they become unable to cope at home.

A rest home, hospitalisation and/or surgery will follow. This will ensure closed hospital wards are reopened and N.Z's Hospitals begin running at full steam. The Government will then sell off the whole business.

Drugs designed to maim and kill if used together.

Four types of drugs are usually used. Sugar lowering pills, Metformin, CV drugs and blood pressure lowering drugs. Used in combination they will cause serious adverse effects. Death is imminent

Increase in sickness

Over the next 5–7 years these effects will become apparent, with an alarming increase in sickness and death of our aged population. However, medical professionals and government authorities will remain silent.

Great wealth

Belongs to the Pharmaceutical companies. They have grown rich and powerful because of the drugs they manufacture and sell.

Many N.Z. G.P's have embraced these drug pushes, and have themselves grown wealthy at the expense of our citizens health, especially the aged.

Inherited memory.

Though a person may become unwell and suspects the drugs could be the cause, he is unlikely or loathe to say a word to his 'medicine man' because of this inherited memory from his forefathers. “I can always trust my doctor”.

This was my position for 12 years until I received all my medical files in 2011 and began to look closely into them, especially the Consultation Notes.

Hippocratic oath

Now days, no one should have blind faith in a doctor. Vows to do their best for a sick person have been trampled beneath the feet of many.

Lust for money-motivating force.

The crippling and eventual death of patients due to prescription drugs means little to some doctors. These ones have crossed a line and some cannot, or will not return, choosing to act the part of a hypocrite by continuing to embrace the words of lying drug company criminals instead of being led by their conscience.

New World Order

Old people will soon have to sell their homes to pay for residential care because the government will say “the taxpayer can no longer afford the cost of paying for the sharp increase in aged people needing care”.

The big sell off

The situation will also give the government of the day the ability to sell the NZ public health service because the taxpayer will be unable to sustain the cost. The buyers will be the Pharmaceutical companies. NZ legislation may prevent this happening at the moment but legislation can be changed.

A message to Pharmac

"A word to you who have great possessions. Weep and wail over the miserable fate descending on you.

Your riches have rotted; your fine clothes are moth-eaten, your silver and gold have rusted away, and their very rust will be evidence against you and consume your flesh like fire.

You have piled up wealth in an age that is near its close --- and the outcry of the reapers have reached the ears of the Lord of Hosts.

You have lived on earth in wanton luxury, fattening yourselves like cattle - the day for slaughter has come. You have condemned the innocent and murdered him; he offers no resistance." James 5:1-6 New English Bible.